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Baskets for storage in the bathroom

Bathroom storage is important in order to maintain a clean and exquisite bathroom decor. Bathing towels, toilet paper rolls and laundry have to be kept away to ensure a good bathroom environment, where you have easy access to your everyday necessities but also can come to relax. With the handmade baskets by Muubs you will get beautiful storage for your bathroom that will ensure a unique expression, with a Nordic signature.

Each basket is unique, since each basket is hand woven from natural materials. Use the baskets to contain toilet paper rolls. Especially the “high” basket is a beautiful solution for toilet rolls, since it can both contain your rolls and work as a toilet roll holder in the same time. With baskets from Muubs you get beautiful storage for your bathroom in natural colours that will add personality and break with glossy, tiled surfaces and monochrome nuances.