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Bathtubs and sinks by Muubs

With a Muubs bathtub in your bathroom, you are manifesting your personal taste and living philosophy. Muubs bathtubs are made to age gracefully and gain a patina that will make each individual bathtub even more beautiful when time passes. The unique boulder bathtub by Muubs, is for example carved in one piece of solid boulder that is found on mountainsides in Indonesia and then carved into a beautiful bathtub. Each bathtub has its own smooth and soft inside that feels amazing against the skin. The stone hand wash by Muubs is also made from a natural boulder which is hollowed and smoothed out. The stone bathtubs and hand washes by Muubs is completely unique since no two rocks or boulders are alike and the processing is adjusted to the individual stone.

The Muubs cobber bathtub is made from massive cobber with clear references to the traditional bathtubs well known for their spaciousness and comfort. Are you looking for a bathroom sink or a bathtub that is completely unique and will capture the attention, the exciting products by Muubs is surely worth looking into. Make each shower and each bathroom visit an amazing experience by surrounding yourself with things they you love and care about, that expresses your personality and taste.