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Wooden cutlery and handmade design  

Cutlery is not just cutlery. Despite the fact that the simple invention has existed for centuries, still today there are cutlery created in countless designs, materials and exciting dimensions. Muub's cutlery is no exception. Our wooden cutlery is beautiful and a perfect accessory for the modern kitchen. Use the small salt with a beautiful salt container or use the shredded coffee bag to disperse your coffee. Cover the table and use the exciting wooden cutlery for

both dining and serving. For example, use the handmade salad spoons to serve green salads or roasted potatoes. The soft teakwood is not only hugely beautiful to look at, but is also factual to keep up with. Muubs' wooden cutlery has the senses in focus and it will complete your dining experience, whether it's just a cup of coffee, brunch or even an ice-cream.