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A spoon is not only a spoon. Despite the fact that it is an object that has existed through decades, there is still developed innovative and interesting spoons in various forms, materials and exiting dimensions. Muubs spoons are no exception to this. Our wooden spoons are beautiful and distinctive accessory for the modern kitchen. Use for example the small salt spoon in a raw salt bowl, or use the chubby coffee spoon to dose coffee for the perfect cuppa.

Set your table and use the exiting wooden spoons to eat and serve. You can for example use the handmade salad spoons to serve green salads or maybe baked root vegetables. The smooth teak wood is not only beautiful to look at but also feels amazing to hold. Muubs wooden spoons focuses on the senses and will complete your dining experience, no matter if it is only a cup of coffee, bunch or maybe even an ice-cream dessert.