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Kitchenware and textiles by Muubs

Surround yourself with objects in your home that you love and enjoy using time after time. Kitchenware is something you use on a daily basis, which is why it is important that design and functionality appeals to you and your needs. Muubs kitchenware is made from exciting materials, that breaks with the conventions and celebrate craftsmanship. Kitchen textiles as for example tea towels, napkins and our beautiful apron are made entirely or partly from linen, that provides each textile with its own rustic expression that ensures that your kitchen textiles gets a beautiful patina.

The Muubs papertowelholder is another example of an essential element in the kitchen, where both functionality and design is in focus. The papertowelholder by Muubs is made from a range of our favourite materials that has clear a reference in the force of nature. The elegant iron foot secures the stability of the papertowelholder white the top made from wood and leather serves a beautiful contrast and makes the papertowelholder easy to handle. Kitchen equipment by Muubs are unique elements that you surround yourself with in your everyday and use for cooking. Let each element in your kitchen be unique with its own personality so that you can enjoy the design en functionality time after time.