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Wooden plates

You might have noticed what wooden plates can do to your table setting. A wooden plate is an essential part of the table setting with its warn nuance, organic shape and unique pattern. Muubs’ handmade wooden plates come in various sizes and forms, so you are sure to find exactly the plate that you need. Our large teak plate can for example be used as a placemat or as the perfect pizza plate, with which you do not have to worry about spilling. In the other end of the scale you will find our small cake plate with a diameter of 10 cm. This small teak plate can be used as saucer under your favourite coffee mug or as a dessert plate.

Combine the wooden Muubs plates with your regular, everyday plates and experience an easy way to spice up your table setting. The warm and natural wooden nuance that the plates have can easily be combined with other plates, bowls and mugs in both black and white ceramics. The contrast between the warm and cool nuances will make the pattern of the plate pop out and make each plate appear even more beautiful. Fall in love with Muubs wooden plates and make your table setting personal with the natural materials and handmade details.