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Birgitte Rømer

With heart and soul in every design

By the big glass windows in her creative work studio and office, Head of design at Muubs, Birgitte Rømer, passionately puts her heart and soul into creating design items, which have the ability to bring authenticity and beauty into our homes. She is deeply involved in the creation of new designs; shaping objects in both mind and by hand, molding the materials with her fingers.

Especially the Angle collection, a series with angled lines, meticulous details mainly made of recycled European oak, is Birgitte Rømer very fond of. She eagerly tells about about the creation of the Angle collection:

“To Muubs the stories behind our products are the essence. It is a big part of our DNA to have well-thought out products which add life to our home and become more than just consumer goods. The Angle collection merged from a great collaboration with our design intern Nicklas Lohmann, and a main focus was local manufacturing and an environmental and sustainable approach.”


Birgitte Rømer

Raw scandinavian design aesthetic

Birgitte Rømer’s deep passion for quality materials and the raw Scandinavian design aesthetic shines through in the way she carefully selects collaborators and creates design items; choosing simplicity and meeting real needs of people, both in terms of functional design but
also with an aesthetical mindset. When asked what the vision behind every designed product is, Birgitte Rømer answers with conviction in her voice:

“Creating products that are made to move, touch and inspire, and celebrating the beauty of imperfection in modern living is what drives us at Muubs every single day. I believe that being surrounded by natural, changing, unique objects help us connect with our world.”

Sustainable Rugs

The body and intuition leads the way

To Birgitte Rømer it is important to set the mind free and let her intuition and body lead the way:
“I’ve always strived to let my hands lead the creative process and go wherever this may take me. To create great items, you need to forget about all the restriction, just for a second, and trust the creative process.”

She firmly states andcontinues:

“Of course there are a lot of steps in the making of a design and for the most part they are limiting. But when you start with a clear mind and freedom in your approach to the process, I believe you get the best starting point. And I think the Angle is a perfect example of that.“


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