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Book shelf inspired by the heart of the city

Manhattan is a series of shelves inspired by the heart of the city, where history and modern aesthetics merge in a harmonious symphony of robustness and industrial character. Created with a simple construction in industrial iron that radiates both strength and elegance, Manhattan brings diversity and offers a stylish storage solution.

Material close up Bruned Wood

An aesthetic and sturdy design

With a clear reference to the iconic construction of the Manhattan Bridge, the design expression of the series is characterized by elegant and sophisticated slats and raw iron. The series captures the spirit of modern design while paying attention to nostalgic and historical architecture.

With its exquisite elegance and modern aesthetics, Manhattan will not only create contrasts in your interior but also add a touch of timeless beauty and a reminder of the magical atmosphere found only in Manhattan.

Pssst…The series is designed with a fold-up feature, making it easy to carry and bring them with you.

Material close up Bruned Wood