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Inspired by Japanese ceramic tradition

With its stunning expression and smooth surface, the Ceto stoneware is both a great visual and tactile experience to look at, hold in your hands and use in your kitchen.

The Ceto stoneware is inspired by Japanese ceramics and has a rustic design with an asymmetric shape that pay tribute to the handmade craftmanship and the imperfection that comes with this.

The tinted colours are inspired by the autumn leaves falling gracefully from the trees.


The Ceto stoneware has been designed so it fits the modern way of living while still paying attention to our origin and nature.

Ceto is a great table set to use both on a daily basis but also when you have friends over for a dinner party.

It is safe to put in the oven and microwave and is suitable for the dishwasher as well.

So, all in all a must have in the modern home.

Read about the maintenace here

Ceto & Den japanske teceremoni