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Inspired by Japanese ceramic tradition

The enchantment of ceramic traditions is rediscovered in this series of beautifully crafted stoneware, designed with a handmade expression and rooted in Japan's rich ceramic heritage.

The Ceto collection is a tribute to Japanese ceramic traditions and stoneware, embracing the soul and authenticity of the craft. Its asymmetrical form not only celebrates Japanese craftsmanship but also adds a unique and charming character to each individual item, while simultaneously honoring the endearing imperfections that naturally come with it.

Not just a visual deligh

The beautiful surface and rich texture are enhanced by the reactive glaze, creating a fascinating contrast between gloss and matte, endowing each product with its own unique character and color variation.

Ceto stoneware is not just a visual delight. Its breathtaking expression, combined with its simple form, imparts a modern touch, making the products both functional kitchen tools and beautiful artworks.

Let Ceto enrich your dining experience and bring a taste of Japanese ceramic tradition into your home.


The Ceto stoneware has been designed so it fits the modern way of living while still paying attention to our origin and nature.

Ceto is a great table set to use both on a daily basis but also when you have friends over for a dinner party.

It is safe to put in the oven and microwave and is suitable for the dishwasher as well.

So, all in all a must have in the modern home.

Read about the maintenace here

Ceto & Den japanske teceremoni