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Elegante details

With inspiration from the spider’s beautiful web, Kumo is a series of elegant, handmade lanterns that create a vivid and exciting atmosphere when the light is shining through the curly pattern.

Kumo means “spider” and has inspired the expression of the lantern.


Kumo is a series of handmade indoor lanterns that create a cozy atmosphere when the light is shining through the quirky curly pattern and cast a vivid play of shadows on the wall.

The detailed expression of the Kumo lanterns is created from jumbled wire which create the round organic shape. The Kumo lantern has a simple handle which allows you to move the lantern where the light and the cozy atmosphere is desired.

Let the horror spread

The curly pattern in the Kumo Lantern invites the horror inside and the lanterns is perfect for Halloween. The lantern can be used is decoration and looks beautiful is its combined with spooky pumpkins.

Let the spooky and cozy atmosphere spread.

Material close up Bruned Wood