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Terracotta in beautiful forms and style

Echo is a captivating series of handmade indoor jars that catch the eye with lively surfaces and rustic colors. The Echo series combines simplicity and beauty, created in a unique combination of rustic materials and elegant silhouettes that add a touch of enchanting design to the decor.

Design: Birgitte Rømer

Form and aesthetics in perfect balance

Inspired by the beauty of nature and authentic craftsmanship, each jar has its own distinctive expression and structure, adding soul and personality to each jar. The jar’s beautiful color palette, inspired by the calm and harmonious atmosphere of nature, combined with unique shades, celebrates imperfection and handmade craftsmanship.

The jars are made of terracotta, while their unique surface is created by a special craft where the paint is applied and fired to create the rustic expression that makes these jars special.

echo jars

Various shapes and sizes

The series embraces diversity and consists of a range of pots in different shapes and sizes. With the series' distinctive design, the jars add a magical atmosphere and natural beauty to the home, while the simple design balances form and aesthetics in perfect harmony with clean lines and a rounded shape that seamlessly fits into any home.

You can easily invite nature indoors and use the jars as vases or jars for green plants. However, it is important to note that the jars are not water-resistant, so all planting must be done in a waterproof container, bag, or similar to protect the jar.

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