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The beautiful chair collection Silhouette is a tribute to the individual and masculine chair. With its minimalism and clean lines, Silhouette is a beautiful timeless piece of furniture for your home.

Clean lines and a sharp graphic expression

With its single construction and clean lines, the chair creates the most beautiful silhouette, after which the chair gets its name. The solid black base and the warm brown leather complement each other beautifully and give the chair a raw and graphic look that adds warmth to your room.

On the chair's armrests there is also soft brown leather, which gives the chair a refined finish and provides a beautiful detail.

Material close up Bruned Wood

More beautiful with time

Silhouette is covered with a high-quality leather, which adds the chair with a masculine look. The seat is attached with beautiful stitching, but the narrow leather back is made so that you can easily take it off.

With time and use, the leather on the chair will patina and become even more beautiful. The patination will also make the leather softer. The chair will therefore eventually tell your very own story, as it will get its own expression based on your story together.

Designed for small living with a great personality

Silhouette is a perfect piece of furniture for the small living, as the chair can be easily folded and thus also takes up less space when stored. But Silhouette is also useful in larger rooms, as despite its light design, the chair helps to occupy the space with its beauty and fills the room with its great “personality”.