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Urban Danish produced furniture

The Angle stool collection consists of furniture, each a different colour, but with the same distinct design and angled lines.

Especially the overlapping joints make the design one-of-a-kind.
Made from solid wood the Angle collection is an urban take on small, modern furniture.

Design: Birgitte Rømer og Nicklas Lohmann

Angle Stool Black

The Sustainable choice /

With Angle, you’ll get a product thought through down to the smallest design detail, where both social and sustainable perspectives and solutions are in focus.

Every single Angle product is flat-packed, which reduces the CO2 footprint when the product is shipped to all corners of the world while minimizing the packaging of the product. With the environmental and sustainable aspects as a big part of the creation of the design, while main­taining our unique design philosophy and Muubs DNA, we feel that this is the right direction to move towards in times when we need to take care of our planet.