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Lanterner med kærlighed til detaljerne

The Lana lantern series is made with care and a love for details, featuring soft shapes, and completed with a silky-smooth surface and a base in a golden hue. This beautiful combination adds the series with a luxurious and adventurous expression, captivating the eye with its sophisticated appearance.

Material close up Bruned Wood

A lantern, a vase, and a jar

Lana is versatile and can be used as a lantern, a vase, or a jar, allowing you to tailor your decor and create different moods in your home. Whether you use Lana as a romantic lantern in the evening, an elegant vase for your favorite flowers, or a unique jar for storing small treasures, it brings a warm and distinctive atmosphere to the space.

The deep color with subtle golden undertones casts a heartwarming light in the room, evoking thoughts of a beautiful sunset on a warm summer evening, spreading its golden glow across the world. The Lana series invites you to explore the beauty of simplicity and find joy in the small details, reminding us to cherish moments of beauty and tranquility in our busy lives.