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Beautiful dark and rich color

With a rich and dark color that creates beautiful contrasts in the kitchen, Yami is a series of rustic, Scandinavian kitchen accessories that add soul, aesthetics and renewed energy to the kitchen. The series is a beautiful addition to the kitchen interior, and consists of beautiful cutting boards, salad cutlery and an elegant salt and pepper set.

With character and practical details
Yami is designed with a focus on simple, practical details, and is made of carbonized ash wood, which gives the series a characteristic and unique smell of smoke. Yami is created with character, and the raw details and warm, masculine expressions make the series unique and essential in the Nordic kitchen interior.

The series inspired by Japanese design philosophy and the dark, distinctive color is celebrated in the series' name and design expression. Yami means "dark" in Japanese and compliments the wood's structure in the most beautiful way. The dark color creates an attractive contrast to unique stoneware and the dark color makes the cutting boards ideal for beautiful dishes and servings.

Design: Birgitte Rømer