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A tribute to contemplation

The beautiful lounge chair Philosophy is a tribute to contemplation. With its graphic details and masculine expressions, Philosophy is a stylish and beautiful piece of furniture for your home.


Philosophy is created from simplicity and simple constructions that give the lounge chair clean lines and invite you to be persuaded to sit and philosophize and let you mind wander, from which the lounge chair has its beautiful and inspiring name.

The lounge chair is made with a solid black wooden base and the combination with the warn, rustic leather gives the chair a contrasting and exciting look.

Beautiful details

Philosophy is made with beautiful high-quality leather and attached to the frame with beautiful details that make the lounge chair interesting to look at, even when standing with its back towards you.


With time and use, the leather on the chair will patina and become even more beautiful. The patination will also make the leather softer.

Material close up Bruned Wood