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Endless solutions

Oaks is a wall system that redefines the traditional shelving system and offers a myriad of combinations - from the rigorous to the more asymmetrical expression.

As the shelves are removable, it is possible to redesign the look and constantly renew its uniqueness.

The Oaks shelf is designed with a focus on elegance, roughness and a modern touch that can fit into most interiors.

Design: Birgitte Rømer


With Oaks we want to get away from the thinking of the perfect home, and instead bring some personality into the interiors.

Open shelving systems allows you to display your favorite items - whether in the kitchen, living room or dining room.

The shelving system looks amazing styled with a few simple items.

With the Oaks shelving system, you can create a new look from day to day by moving the loose shelves around the bars, and even determining the distance between the shelves.

If you want to extend the shelving system, you can buy extra shelves in iron and mounting bars in the beautiful stained oak in two sizes.