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Grey Teak


Before using your new grey teak item, please read this guide to ensure a well-protected durable surface.


Teak is one of the best materials to use for outdoor furniture; because of its high level of natural oil content, it can naturally withstand all types of weather conditions. Teak is known as one of the most valuable types of tropical hardwood satisfactory for e.g. luxurious furniture. The rich surface brings a raw edge to your outdoor

Grey teak is ordinary teak wood treated with a product called ’Instant Grey’. By using this product, a chemical reaction starts to change the wood into a light grey. When exposed to sunlight the colour of the wood will slowly change into a darker grey. The final colour may differ depending on the wood.



We recommend cleaning your teak products with water before use and letting it dry under direct sunlight.
Repeat the process to help minimize the natural oil from within the timber reaching the surface.

We recommend treating the grey teak wood with a teak shielding product two times a year, to maintain the dirt repellent attributes of the wood and make the wood resilient to algae and mold. It is important not to wash your furniture with soap water. Only use clean water and let it dry in the sun.

For questions, please contact Muubs.

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