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Industrial iron


Before using your iron cabinet, please read this guide. Iron is a strong material and is used for many of our products. It is often used in combination with other materials to add a raw industrial look. Iron can vary in color from light grey to almost black. The color can change from production to production and also change color in the light. The raw iron has a natural dark color and raw surface, that gives each cabinet a majestic statement to the home.

Before first time use we recommend that you open the cabinet and let the cabinet get some air. Industrial Iron can have a certain smell in the beginning due to the raw material.

- Daily cleaning can be done by dusting the surface with a dry cloth.
- Can NOT resist water
- Cabinet with glas: we recommend to polish the glass with a cloth. Avoid to spray cleaning products directly on the iron. Spray on the cloth for polish instead and avoid any extra fluids in corners and moldings.
- Wax occassionally using a universal furniture wax and a soft brush or cloth.
- Do not place it or wet items directly onto the surface.

For questions, please contact Muubs.

Download your maintenance guide
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