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Please read the following maintenance guide before using your new Kadappa Rock product to ensure a protected and beautiful surface.

IMPORTANT / The table top is made of natural stone and will therefore vary in colour.

BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT / Before using your new product for the first time we recommend to use a wrung-out cloth and hot water to clean the surface. Wait for 20 minutes until the surface is dry. Then apply Guardian stone oil with a soft and lint-free cloth and wait another 20 minutes before you finish off with a clean and dry cloth. This will give the stone surface an uniform black colour and protect the surface from stains.

GENERAL MAINTENANCE / The stone can get more mat and grey over time and in this case we recommend giving the Kadappa Rock product Guardian stone oil on a regular basis to keep the glow of the stone intact.

If any further questions, feel free to contact MUUBS.

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