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Kuri stoneware


Please read the following maintenance guide before using your new Kuri stoneware product to ensure a well-protected and beautiful surface.


The Kuri stoneware collection is made using the traditional Japense craft of Kurinuki where designs are created through spontaneity, so the stoneware comes ”alive”.

The Kurinuki technique begins with a rough lump of clay. Hands and simple carving tools are used to create the basic shape. Finally, the item is finished and glazed. Kuri is created using natural organic shapes with a raw edge that comes from the traditional craftsmanship. The stoneware is available in two colors, a light ”Sand” and a dark ”Stone” and each colour has its own design expression. Kuri is finished with a smooth glaze where the light and dark colors each provide a distinct expression.


The Kuri series consists of cups, dessert plates, dinner plates and vases. Kuri adds a raw and rustic look to the home which creates a beautiful contrast and adds edginess to your decor. The smooth glaze gives the design an extra edge and adds a graphic contrast. This contrast also helps to make the rough Kurinuki surface from the clay silky soft and well-suited for eating and drinking.


• Dishwasher safe.
• Suitable for food.


We want to point out that there is a variation in the color/color play in the black Kuri variant. However, this does not justify any complaints, as it apperas in the process where the stoneware is glazed.
At MUUBS, we see these colour variations as a unique character of the Kuri series - we call it ’BEAUTY IN IMPERFECTION’.


Create a personal expression by mixing plates with other colours in the series or create a simple look by choosing plates in the same colour.

If any further questions, feel free to contact MUUBS.

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