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Please read the following maintenance guide before using your new leather product.

Leather is a natural material which means that every skin is unique. There can occur differences in color or texture. We believe that it gives the products more personality.

The leather products from MUUBS are produced of soft and powerful buffalo leather. This is a beautiful leather with structur in the surface which only gets more beautiful as it gets used and gets patina.

• Wipe off with a soft, dry cloth.
• For smaller stains, it can be wiped off with a damp cloth.
• Use only water, otherwise it will damage the leather.
• If the leather gets dry and fades, you can use clear shoe wax to bring back the shine.
• Be aware that the product doesn’t get exposed to direct sunlight as it will make the leather fade.

If any further questions, feel free to contact MUUBS.

Download your maintenance guide