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Please read the following maintenance guide before using your new RIVERSTONE product.

The RIVERSTONE products from MUUBS are something beyond the regular. They can vary in both color, shape and structur because they are shaped in natural stone. They have a raw exterior/outer with a smooth and blank inner/internal. Furthermore, the products have the characteristic that they can be used for both inside and outside.

The inside of the material is being polished in production so that it gets a fine surface which is easy to clean. MUUBS interior are handmade quality products for the home in raw materials that only gets more beautiful by time - this is also the case with the RIVERSTONE products.


Do not use cleaning products abravise materials in it or clothes with rough surfaces. Clean with a damp, soft cloth and wipe it off at once thus water stains and soap scum are avoided. Stubborn stains and dirt can be removed with clear vinegar. Secondary, clean with hot water and cleaning detergent.

If any further questions, feel free to contact MUUBS.

Download your maintenance guide