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Before using your new rockstone item, please read this guide to ensure a well-protected durable surface.


The beautiful surface of the Rockstone material brings rawness and edge to your outdoor space. The material is designed to be weather resistant and can withstand temperatures from +25 to -20 degrees while still keeping its original appearance intact. Rockstone is comprised of resin, stone powder and fine sand mixed to this durable weather-strong material. The pigmented ingredients are added to the mixture so the colour will be consistent throughout the surface. Rockstone is ideal to use as tabletops, benches, planters and has proven to be perfectly waterproof, stain proof and resistant to UV rays.


Rockstone is not resistant to direct heat, so please make sure to use e.g. trivets or other protection, when you serve your dinner, place hot drinks, a candle or other warm objects on the surface. This to avoid any damage causes done by the very high temperatures. Protect your Rockstone against sharp edges or heavy weight, so the material will last for many years. Do no stand on the Rockstone surface to avoid any damage on the surface.


Rockstone is a durable and strong material which do not need any maintenance in general. To clean the surface, we recommend using a damp cloth or chamois cloth and sometimes a bit of mild soap. In the unfortunate circumstance that you scratch the surface, use fine sandpaper #320 to rub the scratch in the opposite direction (E.g. if the scratch is displayed on the top in vertical direction you should rub the sandpaper horizontally.) Afterwards soak a towel and use the moist towel to clean the surface in intervals of 2 minutes and
repeat sanding until the scratch is no longer visible.


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