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Info on carpets
• Easy to clean

• Durable

• The beautiful patterns make the rugs unique.

Daily cleaning with vacuuming.

1. Remove dirt by dipping with a dry cloth or paper towel without color.
2. Use warm water to dip the area and then soak up the liquid as much as possible with a dry cloth.
3. If water cannot remove it, proceed with universal stain remover.
4. If none of the above steps help, it requires special treatment.

NB! Always work the stain from the outer edge towards the center and never use chlorine-containing products, as there is a risk of bleaching.

The material
The carpets are made of used and cleaned fish nets found in the oceans.

The fishnet accounts for one-tenth of the waste in the sea. The fishing nets can drift for months or years, threatening marine animals and plants.

The fishing nets are collected and broken down physically and chemically - then it is recreated into a strong yarn used in the weaving.

The rugs are unique products created from thoughts of sustainability and recycling.
MUUBS wants to take part in reducing the consumption of plastic and wants to recycle plastic wherever possible.

The sustainable rugs are made in a collaboration between MUUBS and Egetæpper, Denmark.

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