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Teak - Kitchen accessories

Maintenance guide

Before using your teak product, please read this guide to ensure a protected and beautfiul surface.

Teak has a slow and natural growth and therefore it contains a huge amount of oil which makes it resistant to dirt, moisture and bacteria. Furthermore, the fibers of the wood absorb the impact of the knife blade.The wood is a popular wood species that orginally comes from Burma and Indonesia. Teak is easy to recognise with its dark golden color.

On the Indonesian island, Java, a part of the locals are still living in houses made of teak. As a bigger part of the population refer living in stonehouses, the treehouses are getting bought, whereafter the houses are getting ripped apart and the teak are getting used for manufacturing furniture.

Base Plates
Material close up Bruned Wood


A MUUBS  classic are the teak kitchen accessories, unique and handmade cutlery in warm nuances with natural veins. Teak kitchen accessories are made of new teak that comes from governmental owned plantations where a new tree is being planted every time a tree is being cut down. As the teak kitchen accessories are made of a natural material, color, structur and shape will vary which means that every teak products is unique.


APPLICATIONS / All teak kitchen accessories are foodsafe.

BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT / Before using your product, we recommend to put on cooking oil with a dry cloth. Let the cooking oil retract in the teak product for approx. 30 minutes. Optionally, wipe off the excessing cooking oil with a clean and dry cloth.

DAILY MAINTENANCE / The teak products do not tolerate dishwasher and therefore it has to be cleaned by hand with hot water and soap.

If any further questions, feel free to contact MUUBS.


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