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Teak – outdoor


Before using your new teak item, please read this guide to ensure a well-protected durable surface.



Teak can be oiled, or be kept untreated to get a silver-grey patina look over time. We recommend firstly cleaning your
teak product with Guardian Outdoor Precious Wood Wash and letting it dry under direct sunlight. Repeat the process to minimize the amount of natural oil within the timber reaching the surface. When completely dry, oil the teak with Guardian Outdoor Wood Oil if you wish. Please follow the instructions on the bottle. It is important to oil all teak surfaces and sides of the product the first time - to saturate the wood and minimize curving.



Use a lint free cloth and wipe immediately after spills. For deep cleaning we recommend using Guardian Outdoor Wood Cleaner. Never use strong soap or cleaning products as this will dissolve and remove the protective oil from the surface.



We recommend oiling the wood approximately 3-4 times a year - and once a month within the first six month after your purchase to maintain the vivid color. You can test whether your teak needs oiling by throwing a glass of water on the surface - if the water creates pearls on the teak, it doesn’t need oiling yet. Remember to clean your teak often to avoid stains from dirt.



Variations in humidity, temperature differences and dry heat can cause the wood to become rough and curved. However, with the right care and maintenance, these changes will be minimized. During the warmer months of summer, wood expands, and might curve, but in winter the curving will recede. There may be ’windscreens’ (small cracks between the veins) which is completely natural and harmless.

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