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Create your own storage solution

Bookcase Blocks Smoked and Natural

The multiple options of the Blocks bookcase provide countless flexible storage solutions.

Use it as a wall or floor unit or stack a few. It is stunning either as a single unit or combined with others in an orderly or asymmetric form.

Bring it together

Blocks are available in naturally-oiled or smoked oak. A single Block is a beautiful addition to any interior, but a combination of a few creates a beautiful unison. The details surrounding the overlapping joints make it possible to combine the different bookcases in new and interesting forms with distinctive expressions.

Muubs X You

Our furniture comes alive in your home. With Blocks you decide what kind of furniture you want. Blocks will fit in a corner, under the TV, in the office or on a wall. Take your pick from the Blocks series. It clicks together seamlessly to match the personality of your home. And when it doesn’t fit anymore? Change it.

Together, we create unique spaces

Blocks emerged from the collaboration with Steffensen & Würtz, based on the Muubs design philosophy. With simplicity, clean lines, quality, and craftsmanship the Blocks collection is designed to bring authenticity, soul and roughness to your home and everyday life. Celebrating the rougher design philosophy of Scandinavian design, we proudly present you with an elegant, durable storage solution for your home.