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Ceto & The Japanese tea ceremony

An authentic experience

Ceramic tableware has become popular for table setting with good reason. Stoneware with a handmade expression adds personality and character to the home and gives an authentic feel. As it is often suitable for dishwasher, oven and microwave it is easy to use in the daily routine as well.

At Muubs we work with artists globally and locally to create inspiring objects for the home we love.

The Japanese tea ceremony

The Ceto collection of dining products are inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony pottery. These items are often rustic and simple looking, with shapes that are not quite symmetrical. The plates and bowls are deliberately nicked at the bottom, celebrating perfect imperfection and the colours of the reactive glaze are inspired by fading autumn leaves that emphasise minimalistic living.



Made in Europe with Asian inspirational roots, Ceto carries both eastern traits in design and name. Inspired by "Setomono" - often used as Japanese term for pottery - Seto itself is a city with a key role in the development of bowls for Japanese tea ceremony due to its wide variety of glazes.

Paying tribute to the original Seto ware of the 13th century, Ceto introduces a new interpretation of the traditional tea ceremony.



Creating products that are made to move, touch and inspire, and celebrating the beauty in imperfection in modern living is what drives us at Muubs every single day. We believe that being surrounded by natural, changing, unique objects help us connect to our real world and escape potentially stressful distractions.

The lifestyle of Wabi-Sabi is a constant inspiration in our designs, not only Ceto.