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Personal and natural Christmas

Bring nature into your home and create a personal Christmas atmosphere

Create modern and personal Christmas decorations with green nuances and natural materials. You can bring nature into your home by decorating with classic, natural elements such as cones, moss and branches from the nature's own treasury.

We have collected three natural Christmas decorations that can inspire you when you’re creating your own personal Christmas atmosphere.

A simple and natural decoration

You don't need plenty of elements to make a beautiful and elegant Christmas decoration. For this decoration, use the Kuri Serving Bowl in stone to create a modern contrast to the nature's green color range. The decoration itself is created from three natural materials: moss, houseleek and pine branches.

If you want a different Advent decoration, you can use the Kuri Serving Bowl to lift and add height to your decoration.

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Create personal table decorations

Hyacinths is beautiful Christmas element and by using elegant glasses as pots, you can create small Christmas decorations that fit perfectly in your window, on a Christmas platter or as decorations for your dinner table. To make the decoration personal, you can add small branches or cones. The small decorations in the Furo glasses can decorate your Christmas table or be used for small hostess gifts for Christmas events.

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A personal and natural table setting with beautiful tableware

You can make a personal table setting and create beautiful contrasts between your tableware and natural materials. By setting your Christmas table with plates in different colors and shapes, you create a special and different table setting. You can personalize your table setting by tying a decoration around the Uta cutlery for each of your guests.

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