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Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and we joyfully embrace the traditions that bring us closer together. During this festive season, we invite the warmth and soothing materials of nature into our homes, creating atmospheric surroundings.

At Muubs, the celebration of Christmas embraces the Nordic aesthetic characterized by natural materials – all in harmony with well-balanced colors and timeless decorations. For us, the essence of Christmas is not about bright ornaments and colors, but rather about candles, authentic materials, and a hint of green from nature, evoking a sincere Christmas spirit. This year, our focus is on the handmade, personal, and authentic, ensuring that Christmas becomes a distinctive and memorable experience year after year.


Loving memories, cherished traditions, and meaningful presence

Throughout the Christmas season, we celebrate traditions and create surroundings that evoke warm childhood memories and genuine Christmas spirit. With natural elements from the forest or creative enhancements to existing decorations, it's easy to decorate the home with the Christmas ambiance. In a symbiosis of natural materials and timeless decorations, we appreciate the little moments and details that wakes up the joy and essence of Christmas.

Together, let's celebrate a Christmas adorned not just with beautiful decorations but also enriched with loving memories, cherished traditions, and meaningful presence.

Natural and Timeless Decorations

With beautiful and simple trays, bowls, and plates, you’ll have an enchanting base for your Christmas decorations. Decorate and style them with colored candles, elegant candleholders, and natural elements from the autumn forest, allowing your creativity to unfold.

Engaging in the art of crafting natural and timeless Christmas decorations enables us to immerse ourselves in the spirit of Christmas — creating memories and revitalizing our holiday traditions.

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