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Create an office with room for creativity

An office is a place, where there needs to be room for work and expressing yourself creatively. Everything does not have to be so strict and minimalistic decorated. Let your ideas come to life, and let the ideas be a part of the interior design.

Choose the right furniture

When you are choosing furniture for the office, it is a good idea to consider the size of the room and how you can use it most efficiently.

If the office is a small room, then choose a narrow and long table - in this way you still get plenty of work space. If you have a big office, then you should take advantage of this and choose a big table. This will give you room for working with larger and different projects at once.

The chair for the office does not have to be a real office chair anymore. You can easily choose a dining chair for the office or another smart chair. This opens up a lot of possibilities and you should consider what is a priority for you - does the chair need to have wheels? Armrests? Or a swivel base?

Different storage

Everything doesn’t have to be hidden away. It is okay to have things on display - use baskets as storage for posters, paper rolls and let this be a decorative part of the office.

Find glasses, cups and lid jars for storage of your pencils, brushes and other things you use in the office - this gives it a personal expression.

Hang up your thoughts

Choose a bulletin board, where there is space for getting all of your ideas out in the open.

You can either choose a bulletin board for the wall or a more flexible board for the floor - also to be used as a partition wall.

The advantage of bulletin boards is - you can get an overview of all your ideas.