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Decorate your kitchen with open shelves

Shelves are a great way to create an open and personal expression in your kitchen. Many fear that it is unpractical and messy to have open shelves, but at MUUBS we see it as a great opportunity to display your favourite kitchen products and create a more personal interior.

The trend with open shelves is a contrast to the perfectionist interior design and that is exactly where we find the beauty - everything doesn’t have to be perfectly placed. It’s okay to show that the kitchen is a place for gatherings and a place for great food.

Before you choose your new open shelves, it’s a good idea to think about what you want to decorate your shelves with. Afterwards you can choose which shelves you want - this way you create a more complete look. It avoids the shelves looking messy and ensures that they get the look you wanted.

A personal look

Open shelves in a kitchen gives a light and homey expression, that welcomes you. If you’re not entirely ready for hanging big open shelves or to trade the top cabinets with shelves, then you can choose to decorate with small decorations shelves.

The Dublin shelves would be a great choice, if you want a modern expression without taking up too much space.

Decorate the shelves

Use the shelves for herbs, oils and spices. The shelves can also be used for displaying your favorite things in the kitchen - whether is the beautiful ceramics, decorative glas or wooden bowls.

Here you can use the Denver shelve, as it is good for storage without taking up too much space in the room. A great thing about the Denver shelves are the sculptural expression that they have.

Don’t be afraid to put you kitchen on display - put the coffee beans, flour and sugar in glas jars and let it become a part of the decoration.

Industrielt look

Hvis du ønsker at skabe et industrielt look i køkkenet, som giver associationer til New Yorker køkkenet, så gå efter rå materialer, når du vælger hylder. Dette er en nem måde at skabe mere kant i køkkenet.

Vælg hylder i træ eller jern, som støtter op stilen - dette er en nem måde at give dit køkken mere personlighed.

Industrial look

If you want to create an industrial look ind the kitchen, that creates associations to the New Yorker kitchen, then you should go for raw materials when you choose your shelves. This is an easy way to give your kitchen more edge.

Choose shelves in wood or iron, which will support the style - this is a great to give you kitchen more personality.