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Elegant and functional: Use benches and stools in your decor

More than just furniture

Decorating is about more than just placement and furniture. It's about creating a space that expresses your personal style and needs. Benches and stools are versatile and elegant pieces of furniture that can add both beauty and functionality to your home.


Get inspired by creative ways to incorporate benches and stools into your decor.

Extra Seating

Benches and stools are perfect for adding extra seating at the dining table, in the living room, or entryway. In a spacious living room, you can place a bench as a cozy reading nook by the window or utilize it as an alternative seat in the kitchen.



Decorative elements

Benches and stools can also serve as decorative pieces themselves. The Raja bench, with its soft details and natural expression, is a work of art. Place it in the hallway as a focal point or in the bedroom as a decorative element.

Find the Raja bench here

Storage solutions

Benches and stools can serve as a practical way to organize shoes, hats, gloves, or toys in an entryway or a child's room. The Tera stool, with its special shelf, adds an exciting dimension and provides storage options by the bed or in the bathroom.



As side tables

Benches and stools can also function as side tables. Place a stool next to your favorite armchair as a spot for your book or to set down a cup of tea. Benches can be used as an alternative coffee table or as a stylish space to display your collection of books and decorative items.

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The entrance

Place a bench in the entrance as a spot to sit while taking off or putting on your shoes. It's also a perfect place to welcome guests into your home. Soho, with its industrial elegance, is suitable for the entrance or bedroom, adding a masculine edge to the space.



Creative decor

A bench or stool can serve as a base for creative decor. Add pillows, throws, and plants to create a cozy nook in the living room. Use it as a podium to display your favorite artworks or collections.

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Benches and stools are more than just furniture; they are versatile decor pieces that allow you to express your personal style and add functionality to your home.


So whether you choose an elegant industrial expression like Soho, the natural beauty of Raja, or the majestic Tera, Muubs has something for every taste. Let your decor reflect your personality and needs with these beautiful pieces of furniture.