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Jars and dried flowers

Handmade jars

Jars and flowers bring soul and personality to a space.
Muubs' design philosophy pays great respect to nature and its natural and authentic beauty. At Muubs, we want to encourage you to find inspiration in natural simplicity. There is beauty to find beyond the obvious.

Nature gives us such a beautiful array of flowers and foliage. Organic eco-aware colours and materials, greens, browns, orange and beige are timeless, and dried flowers fit this aesthetic.
Anything in your garden can be dried, so start hunting for hidden gems. Let the flowers dry and see the magical transformation.

Which flowers should I dry?

All flowers can be dried, but some are more suitable than others. The best flowers for drying are those with low fluid content - they are easier to dry, and the colour is easier to maintain.
Below we give you a few examples of flowers you can dry.

EUCALYPTUS / Represents the division of Underworld, Earth and Heaven.

HYDRANGEA / Represents gratitude, grace and beauty.

PROTEA / Represents change and hope.

How do I dry the flowers?

Suitable flowers for drying

If the flower has a low liquid content, you can dry the flower or your bouquet directly in a vase. There may be some water in the vase during the drying process, and when the flower starts to fade, you can spray it with hair lacquer or 'Elephant skin spray', which is suitable for flowers.
When the flower is completely dry, carefully cut the tip of the stalk and put it back in the vase without water.

Less suitable flowers for drying

If, on the other hand, the flower has a high liquid content, the drying process takes a little longer. Before the flower or bouquet starts drying, you have to spray it with hair lacquer or 'Elephant skin spray'.
Now hang the flower upside down e.g. by tying a string around the flower/bouquet and hanging it up with a cloth clip in a dark and dry place. Now you just have to wait until the flower is completely dry.