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Light up your home with decorative lanterns

Lanterns that transform

Lighting is a crucial factor in creating the perfect ambiance in your home. We've crafted exceptional lanterns that not only emit light but also add coziness and beauty to your living space.

Experience the magic of the spiderweb

Kumo isn't just lighting; they are artworks in themselves. Inspired by a spider's web, the Kumo lanterns are crafted from intricate, tangled wires, detailed and coiled metal bands embracing the lantern's organic shape. When you illuminate the Kumo lanterns, their beautiful pattern creates an enchanting, dancing interplay of shadows on floors and walls.

Use the Kumo lanterns to:

1. Create ambient lighting: Place Kumo on your coffee table, windowsill, or dining table to infuse a cozy atmosphere into your home. The soft shadows and warm illumination make any space more inviting.

2. As artworks:
Kumo lanterns are like captivating artworks that draw attention. Use them as decorative pieces in the living room or bedroom to add a unique touch to your decor.

3. Set the eerie mood:
The intricate and detailed pattern of the Kumo lantern invites an eerie vibe, perfect for Halloween. The lanterns can be used as decorations and beautifully complement spooky pumpkins.


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Antique charm in your hands

Raito is truly unique. With their brown exteriors and golden interiors, the light exudes an antique and enchanting glow. The lantern's narrow slats add an extra dimension to your lighting by casting beautiful shadows in the room.

Use the Raito lanterns to:

1. Create an antique atmosphere: Raito acts like a time machine, bringing antique charm into your modern home. Use them in the living room or entryway to evoke a sense of past elegance.

2. Focus on details: Details matter, and Raito is filled with them. The lights within the lantern are like gold treasures, and the narrow slats add a feeling of elegance and refinement.

3. Portable coziness: With a convenient handle, you can easily move the Raito lanterns wherever you want to enjoy their glow. Change their placement to alter the ambiance in your home


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Material close up Bruned Wood

Kumo and Raito lanterns aren't just lighting; they're storytellers and mood creators. Whether you aim to add coziness, art, or antique charm to your home, these lanterns are an exceptional way to do so.