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Styling Guide: Create natural harmony with Echo jars

Inspiration for styling with Echo

The Echo jars are not just standalone decor items but an expression of true craftsmanship and the beauty of nature. With the Echo jars, you can transform your home into a beautiful and inviting space filled with soul and personality.

Get inspired on how to use the beautiful jars in your home here.

1. Create a warm welcome

Give your guests a warm welcome by placing one or more Echo jars at the entrance. Fill them with dried branches or pampas grass to add an airy elegance to your welcome area, creating a soothing atmosphere for your guests.


2. Experiment with layers and heights

Play with different sizes and shapes of Echo jars to create exciting layers, depths, and heights in your home. Place the large jars on the floor and place the smaller ones on shelves and tables to create a dynamic and different variation in the room.


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3. Create a green oasis

Use Echo as beautiful and characterful jars for your favorite plants. The rustic terracotta and unique surfaces add an organic feel and provide your plants with a natural home. Place them in window, on the shelves, or in corners to create a green oasis in your home.

Remember to place a plastic or another container inside the jar before using it for plants. This way, you ensure that the handmade terracotta jar is not damaged by moisture in the plants.


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Material close up Bruned Wood

4. Make a statement

Use Echo jars to create focal points in the room, on your dining table, or coffee table. Fill them with dried flowers, branches, or decorative elements to create an impressive focal point in the room. The rustic terracotta and unique colors will add warmth and character to your space or table setting, helping to highlight the elements you desire.


5. Let creativity flow

Unleash your creativity and use Echo jars in unconventional ways in your home. Use the smaller jars as storage containers with tealights or other everyday objects for a stylish and organized decor. You can also use them as decorative elements in the bathroom or even as unique lamps by integrating an existing light source.

Let your imagination guide you and create your own unique decor with the Echo jars.

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