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A series focusing on sustainability and natural materials


With Angle, you’ll get a product thought through down to the smallest design detail, where both social and sustainable perspectives and solutions are in focus.

Every single Angle product is flat-packed, which reduces the CO2 footprint when the product is shipped to all corners of the world while minimizing the packaging of the product. With the environmental and sustainable aspects as a big part of the creation of the design, while main­taining our unique design philosophy and Muubs DNA, we feel that this is the right direction to move towards in times when we need to take care of our planet.


Angle is produced of solid oak, because it is a sustainable material. Trees absorb CO2, which is good for our ecosystem and good in the fight against global warming. Among other things, planting trees helps to clean the air, improve the climate and support animal and insect life Angle is furthermose produced in Europe, as we focus on minimising transport for our products and the burden we place on the environment.


“For Muubs, the story behind our products is absolutely central. It is a big part of our DNA to create well-thought-out designs that give life to our interior and become more than just a consumer product. The Angle collection came to be in close collaboration with the design team, where the main focus was on a sustainable approach to furniture production. ”

- Designer Birgitte Rømer


The way of assembling Angle is made from the old craftmanship "doovetails", where joints are "locked" without any screws. This unique and the details chara­cterize the original feature of the design. To assemble Angle into a finished product, it is only necessary to fasten the wooden parts with the enclosed screws.


The Angle collection has a distinct design expression with asymmetrical and graphic lines, carefully crafted details and solid sustainable material. The Angle products are an urban interpretation of small, modern furniture in line with the sustainable philosophy and the ideal that is relevant right now in our society.