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Unique jars inspired by the moon

Inspired by the moon

Luna means "moon" in Latin, and it's precisely the tactile surface of the moon that inspired the Luna jar.

Imagine a cloudy evening sky where the moon shines clearly and you can see the beautiful moon craters. Then take a look at the surface of Luna jar, and let your mind fly towards the rough and unpolished moon landscape.

Unique craftsmanship

Creating a Luna jar requires a special crafting technique. All jars are handmade in terracotta and have a unique shape and surface depending on the craftsman behind.

When the jar has the desired shape, it must pass through a drying process, after which it is burned over an open fire. The paint is applied and a coating is alternately dipped and gently burned by freehand with a gas flame.

The result is a unique jar with personality and a beautiful story behind.