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Why choose a round dining table?

Elongated, round or oval?

Besides the size, the shape of the dining table also plays an important role when choosing the new dining table. In this blog post, we focus on the many benefits of the round dining table compared to the more traditional square dining table.

Round dining tables have become popular in the home decor, whether in the dining room of the home, in the canteen at work or in the restaurant - and for a good reason. A round table is ideal in both smaller and larger rooms.

The benefits of the round dining table

When comparing the round dining table with the square dining table, the round table has several advantages, which we will get in touch on below.

  • A round dining table seems smaller in the room, as the round shape is more lightweight in its expression. The curved edge also optimizes the surface area of the table, since there are no sharp corners on the table that are optimally utilized.


  • The round dining table creates some more personal and deep conversations, as everyone around the table can keep up with the conversation, talk to each other and have eye contact.
  • No matter how many people who sit around the table, there will always be a cozy atmosphere, because there is no sense of empty seats at the table.


  • Everyone around the round table has just far into the center of the table and therefore it is possible for all persons to reach food and drinks on the table.


  • Although there are many people around the table, it will not feel crowded in the same way as by the square. The reason for this is that people by the round table can sit closer without feeling more crowded.


  • The round table is perfect for playing cards and board games with family and friends simply because it is easy for everyone to reach cards, counters, dices, and more on the table.

How big should your round dining table be?

When the new round dining table is to be chosen, there are mainly two questions you need to consider - how big is the room the dining table are placed in? And how many people must be able to sit around the table?

In order for family and guests to sit optimally and eat without bumping their elbows together, it requires each person as a general rule has 60 cm to sit on. This, of course, also depends on the choice of dining chairs.

At MUUBS we recommend choosing a round dining table, which is between 120 cm and 150 cm in the diameter, as it will still be easy for everyone around the table to talk and reach the food etc. at the table.

A round dining table with extionsion leaf

If the need for seating for everyday is less than for other occasions, it would be advantageous to choose a round dining table with extension leaves. Hereby it is possible to put in an extra supplement when you welcome guests, thus creating room for more.