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6 tips on giving the entrance new life and keeping order

Boston 4 - door sideboard by muubs

When you’re decorating your entrance, it’s important to be smart. The room needs to be a place that can handle everyday life and at the same time be an inviting room for your guests. We will here give you some tips on how to achieve exactly this.

1. Decorate with mirrors

The mirrors are a good way to make a room appear bigger. Besides this, they also have a beautiful decorative effect. Mirrors are also great for checkin your hair on your way out.


2. Sustainable rug runners

Give the entrance more personality - create a warm and welcoming feeling by decorating with beautiful rug runners.

This can help tying the room together, rather than the classic runner which can be a big contrast to the decor.

3. A place to sit in the hallway

Decorate the entrance or hallway with a bench. A bench is both decorative in an entrance and can help create the illusion of a longer room.

The bench can be used for sitting on, when you need to take your shoes on or off or as a station for the kids, when the whole family needs to get out of the door.


4. Sculptural coat hanger

Storage for jackets doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds. Find a coat hanger or a coat stand that has a sculptural expression, which will provide an eye-catching effect in the hall.

Another option is to find some nice hooks and hang them in different heights. This will create a great wall decoration - it’s guaranteed to provide an interesting look.

5. Use the space you have

When choosing furniture for your hall it would be great to choose furniture with multiple functions. This is especially important if you have a narrow or a small entrance.
A possibility could be to choose a mirror, where there is room for storage space for your keys or bag.

You can also choose a bench, where it is possible to storage boxes or baskets under, for hiding the stuff that you don’t want displayed.


6. Get inspired

It is always a great idea to find inspiration before starting any new decoration project. This will help you get an idea of what you want to achieve with the room and what style you want the hallway to have.

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