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To create a personal, natural and beautiful Christmas table setting involves letting your creativity and personal style shine through. Blend natural elements with festive traditions to create a Christmas table that not only expresses visually but also turns your table setting into an authentic Christmas fairy tale. Gathering our loved ones around the Christmas table is a loving gesture, providing a space for sharing meaningful conversations and creating memorable moments with our loved ones.

Be inspired to create an atmospheric Christmas table setting that embraces your personal narrative within the rich adventure of Christmas traditions.


Let nature be your guide

Allow the beauty of nature to lead the way for your festive Christmas table with natural elements, subtle tones, and distinctive details. Incorporate cones, fir, and branches to infuse a fresh and natural charm to your Christmas table, creating a rustic and personal ambiance. The calm color tones and natural hues provides space for authentic elements, allowing your personality to express itself in the table setting.

Enhance the table by introducing decorative elements such as cinnamon sticks, oranges, and dried flowers. This not only introduces visual elements but also disperses an authentic Christmas ambiance throughout the table, infusing the space with the true spirit of the season.

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Atmospheric stoneware

Adorn your Christmas table with handcrafted stoneware and unique materials to create a distinctive and personal atmosphere. The individual charm of the stoneware creates an authentic and welcoming atmosphere, drawing attention and setting the table with a touch of originality and personality. Every texture and nuance in the stoneware contributes to a visual experience of unique details, making your Christmas table setting truly special.

By combining stoneware with exciting materials, you can create a harmonious fusion of textures and nuances. This not only adds visual depth but also invites an exciting and sensory experience for guests seated at the table.

Warm and lively ambiance

Incorporate candles to establish a cozy and inviting Christmas ambiance. Lit tealights within rustic glass to cast a comforting glow across the table or use candles in calm shades to introduce an extra dimension of natural beauty.

The soft radiance of the light will frame the Christmas table, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere perfect for enjoying festive moments with loved ones.